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only the best is good enoughPremium quality materials

Quality is one of our most important core values. Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust does not only look and sound great, it also needs to be a reliable and high quality product. On this page you will find out which different parts make our exhaust system the best on the market.

All our exhaust systems need to withstand all kinds of extreme (weather)conditions and extreme heat. Therefore they are thoroughly tested, before going into production. When all the tests are passed and an exhaust becomes available to the public, only the highest quality materials are used for the production which are all sourced from trusted suppliers in Europe.

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust offers a street legal, beautifully designed exhaust. This is a result of German engineering and Dutch craftsmanship with state of the art technology, perfectly crafted by the best engineers in town. 

Integrated switch

Our electronically controlled and adjustable system allows riders to open and close the exhaust valve with a push of a button. Choosing Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde means choosing for the best quality. Every Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust system has an integrated switch in a high quality clutch housing, with an optimal fit between all other components on the handlebars. Also the colour of the button integrates perfectly. This way it looks like it's part of the original setup. The button is fully weather-resistant and flickers a red light when activated for your convenience.

Solid valve

The valve is the heart of our product and makes our exhaust system truly unique. Thanks to the valve, our exhaust systems are electronically adjustable in three positions. We strive for the best riding experience, so the valve must always function optimally in every situation. One of the main reasons we can achieve is that we use a solid valve.

Our valve is milled from a block, pure solid metal. This prevents the valve from deforming and it absorbs the vibrations, giving you a stable and better sounding product. The valve housing is double layered with a ball joint, because during the heating phase while riding you want to keep the resistance as low as possible at all stages.

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde is the only exhaust manufacturer with a valve that is fully sealed. The valve is chemically nickel-plated and therefore enters the pores of the steel, thereby boosting the hardening and protects against corrosion. The valve is welded in the middle, which gives the exhaust gases the possibility to bypass. The optimum position for sound, performance and emission and not visible from outside, which fits with our clean optic perfectly.

Premium Absorption Fabric

Every Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde’s exhaust system contains premium absorption fabric just below the body sleeve. Our glass wool is heat resistant up to 800 degrees. We do not work with loose fibers, but with one single thread. With this we guarantee an optimal lifespan. The thread is held in place by a temperature blanket, also used by NASA for the space shuttle. This blanket prevents the temperature from being passed on to the body. As a result, no discoloration occurs.

The absorption fabric is one of the main reasons our exhausts provide a nice damping; it filters the high and mid tones from the exhaust sound which result in the typical Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde character and optimal emission values.

on the exhaust Serial number 

Every Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde system is built-to-order, which makes it customer-specific and therefore unique. All our systems are assembled and checked in three different stages to ensure the high standards we expect from our products. Than each exhaust system is then given a unique serial number. This, among other things, optimizes traceability so that your dealer can view all information about your unique exhaust system.

you choose Interchangeable end caps

At Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde it’s all about choice, choose your sound and choose your exhaust. But this also applies on a more detailed level, like for example your end caps. Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde offers a wide array of end caps in different colours. And you know what is the coolest thing? If you want to give your bike a different look, you can simply change them at your dealership! Go here to get inspiration.

Built to order

every system is unique Built to order

Because of the endless range of possibilities of exhaust configurations, we do not have a stock of pre-assembled systems. When you make a configuration and decide to order it via your dealer, the configuration lands in our production facility. Upon receiving your order, all parts are collected and the exhaust gets assembled according to your preferences. That makes every system unique and built for you!

just to help you out 100% traceability

Because of the unique number on your exhaust, the system is always traceable. No don’t worry, big brother is not watching you. We don’t know where you are riding, but should you ever encounter a problem with your exhaust, this unique number provides us with necessary information to help you out. We can see when the exhaust was made, at which dealership it was mounted and much more.


the perfect finish Dealer training

We often get the question from our customers why we won’t let them mount the systems themselves. Even if our systems are designed to make the mounting as easy as possible, it remains a delicate procedure, where a small mistake can result in the system not working properly. That is why that all of our dealers get trainings from our sales representatives. This means that they know not only how to mount a system, but also are trained to solve problems if they should occur.

the big shot End caps from two components

The Big Shot end cap might be our most standout and recognizable end cap. Without tampering with the design we decided to update the chrome version. Being a solid piece of metal, it became very vulnerable to damage from riding. That is why we decided to rework the end cap and to come up with a more robust version. To achieve this goal we developed a Big Shot end cap that is made out of two pieces instead of one. The core is made out of stainless steel and the outer shell is made out of aluminum. The space in between the two pieces makes sure that the shell does not overhead. Furthermore the outer shell is designed to suffer much less damage when it would hit or scratch something on a ride.

2-piece end caps

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"The Exhaust gives you a real fighting mentality."
Xavier  |   BMW GS

“The Mr. Hyde mode allows me to communicate better with my motorcycle. Due to the different sound modes you get more feedback from your motorcycle, which helps, among other things, to signal when something is wrong with the motorcycle. For example when the tires have to be replaced. Mr. Hyde mode really wakes you up during a long drive or when I go off-road; it activates and motivates you. It gives you a real fighting mentality."

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"A clear plus for safety!”
Werner - Berrt Travel  |   BMW GS

"Mr. Hyde position (valve open) is also ideal if I am quietly riding through traffic jams. The heavier sound is more noticeable and combined with a small speed difference it has a huge effect on the reaction of cars and trucks. A clear plus for safety!”

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"Perfect finish and street legal."
Martin Brunner  |   Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

"Very good exhaust system - perfect finish and street legal. And Smartbox 2 is awesome!"

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"I feel like I'm the king of the streets."
@mawi_davidson  |   Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight

"When I ride with my motorcycle I feel free. And when I ride with my Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust I feel like I'm the king of the streets. And when everybody looks at me and give me a thumbs up I know I made the right decision choosing this exhaust system."

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"100% legal and yet the full Harley sound."
@strandfahrer  |   Harley-Davidson Street Bob

"So, What I particularly like about the Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust is the deep sound, the quality and that the valve is inside the silencer. I also think it's great that you can change the look of the exhaust afterwards by replacing the end caps. 100% legal and yet the full Harley sound is absolutely great, especially in Germany."

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"A must-have on your bike!"
Thomas Peerlinck  |   Harley-Davidson Streetbob

"I have my Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust for one year now, 6.500 km on the 2019 Street Bob 107ci stage I with S&S teardrop intake... and VERY HAPPY! Amazing sound, deep, dark and loud, but quiet when necessary (neighbours, city center, horses or small kids around...) all this legal with certificate. This head-turing piece of art is a must-have on your bike!!"

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"Legal, but still a beautiful deep Harley sound."
Harley Dutchies  |   Harley-Davidson Sportster

"I got to know Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde at a motorcycle fair. I was impressed by this exhaust system from the first moment. But after a test drive I was sold. Wonderful to drive being able to play with the sound. The fact that it is legal, but still gives a beautiful deep Harley sound was the deciding factor in choosing Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde and they are also beautiful under my bike, also not unimportant. My bike passed the strict RDW inspection and I can confidently cross the (German) border without worrying. "

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"The unique powerful sound I was looking for."
@dysnrider  |   Harley-Davidson Sportster

"Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde offers the unique powerful Harley sound I was looking for. Which is more bassy, but still civil enough for daily rides. Even the possibility of adjusting the valves with just a push of a button is very comfortable on longer tours. You get something for the price and it's worth it."

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"Choose your own style."
@marc_stone82  |   Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight

"If you are looking for a high quality and exactly finished exhaust system which can be modified to your own style you have to choose Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde! On top you also get the possibility to change your sound levels easily by a push of a button."

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"Ride in stealth mode and not disturb anyone."
Jean - GS enthousiast  |   BMW GS

“I love to ride along the shores of Gérardmer Lake (Vosges, France). A beautiful place full of walkers, cyclists and sports enthusiasts. When I drive here I always use the Dr. Jekill mode, which gives me the possibility to ride in stealth mode and not disturb anyone. But when I make my way back on the meandering roads of Col de Bonnefontaine I switch to the Mr. Hyde mode to enjoy the delicious rumble that echoes through the mountains around me and at the same time warn oncoming traffic that I am approaching. Great right?”

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"Roaring sound and pure performance!"
Walter Wais  |   Harley-Davidson Sportster

"Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde is the best investment in my bike so far!!! It adds 100% more driving fun. I can adjust the volume according to my needs, and at the push of a button a roaring sound and pure performance. And the best of all it's street legal. Many thanks to the Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde Team - great job keep it up!"

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"Perfect for off road rides or near residential areas."
Nikki van der Spek - GS Trophy participant 2020  |   BMW GS

"When you close the valve then the exhaust is quiet but sounds very smooth. Perfect for off road rides in nature or near residential areas. But when you open the valve and open the throttle, then the GS has a beautiful sound. Loud but not too loud, just perfect. It has a nice and dark sound."

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"It feels like I have 3 different exhausts."

“Dust, mud, extreme weather ... I ride a BMW GS as it is meant to be! A motorcycle that breathes adventure must occasionally go off the paved road and offroad! “I used to drive with an exhaust that had only one mode, which means that there was only one sound. This was not really contributing to the driving experience. Driving with a closed valve on the paved road and opening the valve off-road really adds an extra dimension to the driving experience; it feels like I have 3 different exhausts! It is a great concept: if you show it to other people, you get a lot of positive feedback."

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"Great sound. Totally worth the investment!"
KTM African Adventure  |   KTM 1090 Adventure

"Love my Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde! Street legal, more power and 3 great sound modes with a push of a button. And my bike is 1,5 kg lighter too. Totally worth the investment!"

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"The best sounding R1200 exhaust to date."
Derrick Creighton  |   BMW GS R1200

"Exquisite fit and finish, well laid out packaging and installation instructions. The adjustable exhaust sound level works flawlessly, and is very convenient to adjust to your mood and environment. The exhaust note is a nice mix of volume and bass tone. To me Exquisite fit and finish, well laid out packaging and installation instructions . The selectable exhaust noise level works flawlessly, and is very convenient to adjust to your mood and environment. The exhaust note is nice mix of volume and bass tone. To me the best sounding R1200 exhaust to date."

Quality Marks