The Vendekee: Custom at his finest -
10 Oct '17 Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | News

The Vendekee:
Custom at its finest

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It is the pride of The Jekill and Hyde Company: The Vendekee. It is the eye-catcher that draws the most attention at bike shows and more than once people have wanted to buy it. We have always had to disappoint them by telling them that the bike is not for sale.

The bike was built for our general manager Jacques van de Kerkhof aka ‘Vendekee’. The Vendekee was built by our trusted partners of Thunderbike, who have an excellent reputation when it comes to building custom bikes.

Thunderbike Customs

It all started with a Softail Slim as the foundation for the bike. Having said that, not much from the original bike is left, since Thunderbike replaced almost everything with their custom parts. For starters the tank, fender and wheels were removed. A new swingarm to house the 260 rear tire was installed as well as a V-Tech fork. The spoke rims were machined from a single block of aluminum. Of course the bike is equipped with a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust system that blends in perfectly with the custom bike. A chrome system with V-Strike and Big Shot end caps was chosen to be mounted on the bike


The devil is in the details
To make the bike a real “Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde”-bike, the logo and the name are put in various subtle and less subtle places on the bike. There is the special Jekill & Hyde air intake and just look at the special paint job. We could go on listing what makes this bike so awesome but in a nutshell this bike is what Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde stands for: the finest quality, superb design and of course the ultimate performance.  

Not for sale :-)
Come visit us at a bike show and perhaps we will have the Vendekee with us, but will have to keep disappointing you: it’s not for sale.

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