Release: 2019Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust
for FXDR™

The brand new FXDR™ is a joy to watch, with an attitude and performance that exceeds all standards. Give all your senses a treat with Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust. Follow this page for the latest updates.

"A drag racer crossed with a fighter jet." Take one look at the FXDR and you know why people call it that. The spiritual successor to the retired V-Rod is a muscular cruiser with a focus on performance. It's bold, modern and showy appearance gives it the potential of a cult following. Therefore The Jekill and Hyde Company has a great focus on creating something really unique for the FXDR. 

Pipes that add character and complete the whole riding experience. A groundbreaking bike like the FXDR needs an exhaust that completes this bike’s potential. One of Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde’s most important spearheads is the rider’s possibility to choose. Not only the preferred riding mode, but also the looks and design of the exhaust.

Get ready to be possessed! The Demon

Dare to look further – Just to settle for a traditional round exhaust was something we simply did not want to settle for. The FXDR offered the possibility for something completely new. Forged by the craftsmen of Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde, perfected with the newest technology and skills: It is time to show you the true face of project D: meet ‘The Demon’.

Dare to create - Working with well-known designer Rolf Reick from Krautmotors, we aimed high. We created an exhaust that not only perfectly fits the bike, but actually becomes an integral part of the bike. A unique exhaust that has all the key elements of a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust, but comes in a new and futuristic shape.

Dare to stand out - The FXDR is a one of a kind bike and it deserves a one of a kind exhaust. The Demon is an upgrade on all fronts: electronically adjustable with raging performance, beautiful aesthetics and superior sound quality. Pre-order now at your dealer!

Configure The Demon

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3 sound modes

the demon The Materials

'The Demon' sets free all the hidden powers of the FXDR, with one push of the button you will unleash the force within.The FXDR’s stock exhaust is one that breaks with tradition, abolishing the traditional cone-shaped exhaust. 

Made of fine finish blasted stainless steel, with a carbon heat shield and end cap with matte finish; this exhaust is something you have never seen before by Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde.

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The Demon for H-D FDXR

Forging the exhaust

Forging the exhaust - With foam models, built by Rolf Reick, Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde’s engineers started working on a prototype, getting the project one step closer to the perfect exhaust for the FXDR.

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The Demon for H-D FDXR

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The Prototype

Unleash The Demon

Configure the perfect exhaust for your Harley-Davidson FXDR.

respect for traditionThe Exhaust + V-Strike

Dare to lead - The FXDR, Harley-Davidson’s eye catcher for 2019, is a bike to break through boundaries. Built for speed and designed to impress, Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde took on the challenge to develop an exhaust for this extraordinary bike, that will impress everyone. We saw this as a chance to build something completely different, but we did not lose sight of our traditions. 

Dare to ride - Harley-Davidson is a brand that looks back on a long legacy and is known for tradition. The FXDR breaks with many of these traditions and looks towards the future. We did not forget the rider that dares to ride the FXDR, but also likes it a bit more traditional. For that rider our distinctive V-Strike header set with our mufflers are available now. The V-Strike gives the bike a more aggressive yet also refined look.

The Exhaust + V-Strike

The V-Strike gives the bike a more aggressive yet also refined look.

V-Strike + The Exhaust

Configure the prefect exhaust for your Harley-Davidson FXDR.

A beast to ride

We see the new FXDR as the first offspring of a new batch. The motorcycle has its own and very typical style with very clean lines and new ideas. A bold and successful styling. This motorcycle is really a beast to ride. The FXDR 114 offers you the versatile Softail chassis with Milwaukee-Eight 114 power. A power cruiser that drives excellent and is very manageable. A motorcycle for men and women with balls.

  • Versatile Softail chassis with Milwaukee-Eight 114 power.
  • Aluminum swing arm that results in considerable weight saving.
  • Mudguards made of lightweight composite material.
  • Modern technology, like a Led Daymaker headlight and keyless ignition.
  • Hydraulically adjustable shock absorber - premium front and rear suspension.
  • 19-inch forged aluminum Ace front wheel.

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