Extend your warranty

Extend your warranty

At Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde we take pride in the fact that our products offer a unique sensation to the rides of motorcyclists around the world. We also stand for the quality of our product, which is why our exhaust systems come standard with a two year warranty that exceeds the industry standards. Our extended warranty program gives you the option to expand your warranty period with an additional two years of real warranty.

What are the benefits of extending your warranty?

  • Peace of mind of by having 4 years of real warranty.
  • Annual checkup of the exhaust system ensuring a carefree riding season.
  • Flexible purchase period (up to one year after purchasing your new exhaust system).
  • The extended warranty can be transferred to the new owner when selling your motorcycle.

What is covered in the Extended Warranty?

  • The Smartbox or Blackbox.
  • The servo engine(s).
  • The switch(es).
  • The complete inside of the exhaust.
  • The valve.
  • All brackets and adjuster cables.

Where can you extend your warranty?

You can extend your warranty at your official Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde dealership. The costs are € 199,- and € 299,- for systems that include headers. Please contact your local dealer for more details about our Extended Warranty Program.

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