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A Harley-Davidson where the customizing is rather aimed at performance rather than on looks? Get ready to meet the performance/clubstyle bikes.

Harley-Davidson is a brand where tradition seems to be one of the foundations on where it’s fame is based on. Even those who don’t ride a motorcycle think of choppers ‘easy-riding’ down the American Highway. This is an image that has been moulded into our consciousness and hardly gets challenged. However, like it is the case with every tradition, there will be people questioning its validity and start to see things differently.

Originated in the motorcycle club culture, among bikers that needed to ride long distances, a movement was started to customize Harleys on their performace rather than their looks. Everything you changed on your bike was aimed towards making the bike faster, easier to handle and to rip through corners even faster. Started with the FXR, optimized with the Dyna and getting implemented in the new Softails, Clubstyle is something not to be ignored in today's Harley scene.

The Clubstyle / Performance Rider

Would you consider ripping wheelies on a Harley? A clubstyle biker simply rides like there is no tomorrow.

  • 2-in-1 exhaust aimed at performance
  • High rear shocks for maximum ground clearance
  • Fairings
  • T-Bars or high risers
  • Wheelies and burnouts
  • Full face helmet - no face, no case

Developing the exhaust How it's made

To develop an exhaust for the clubstyle rider Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde teamed up with several professionals and experts in the performance/clubstyle scene. To make an exhaust for riders and by riders, we listened to their ideas and feedback an integrated this on our first steps towards making the ultimate 2-in-1 exhaust.

Before we started welding and building, a lot of work was done behind our desks. With the help of 3D-scans and 3D-printing we were able to design an exhaust that would meet all the set requirements before we even would start to make an exhaust like you would have on your bike. After the digital and 3D-printed part of the journey, it is now time to start working on an actual working exhaust. Soon we can reveal more regarding this... Stay tuned!

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Burn some rubber!

Working with Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde Partners

We are happy to carry this project with several trusted partners in the scene.

Project 21

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The first steps

A look inside

Different materials

Have a first sneak at the options that will become available in the future.

Jekillized Custom Low Rider S

To give our exhaust the attention it deserves we decided to give our own Harley-Davidson Softail Low Rider S a make-over and make it into a proper clubstyle bike!

We teamed up with Chopper Kulture. Owner Mario Kyprianides is well known for his custom bikes and recently won many prices with his unique Harley-Davidson FXR. With lots of custom parts of our trusted partners we are looking forward to present you an awesome bike that will make heads turn.

Top Secret

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