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Fully loaded with a premium exhaust. Time to travel anywhere you want with an Indian Touring. This bike, equipped with a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust will make heads turn, we promise.



The iconic Scout family completes their Legend, with Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust. A classic Sixty or a raw Bobber? Whatever you want, but make sure to take Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde with you.



Uncompromising performance for the whole Cruiser family. Travel anywhere with Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust, the best travel companion we can offer.



You. The road. And the perfect exhaust for Indian Baggers. We would like to tell you more about this beautifull machine, but just take a look at it. We only advise you to equip it with a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust.

Indian Motorcycle® and Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust - The perfect fit

When you choose to ride an Indian Motorcycle®, you choose an iconic motorcycle with a legacy and tons of character. Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust has just that in common with America’s First and oldest motorcycle company.

This is why an Indian isn’t complete without a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde. Add even more character to your Indian Motorcycle with the unique Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust.

Are you looking for a motorcycle exhaust that is electronically adjustable? Do you want to control the performance of your Indian anytime you like and therefore you looking for a suitable motorbike exhaust? View all possible combinations for your Indian motorcycle in our specially developed exhaust configurator. Choose your model, color, endcap and electronics and configure your own tailor-made exhaust that perfectly matches your style and look.

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Customize your own Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust for Indian. Let’s build something beautiful.

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Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust gives motorcyclists the ultimate biker experience with an exhaust second to none in regards to sound, esthetics and performance. The electronically adjustable exhaust system makes it possible to choose between three different sound modes on the fly. By the push of a button.

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You are Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde

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We are happy that our customers love their Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust. And they're proud to show it!

the exhaust for indian

Your perfect exhaust is only a few clicks away. Pick your body colour, endcap and electronics, and make it yours. Let’s build something beautiful.

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