New Smartbox system

Through years of experience and by listening closely to the changing demands in the market, the Jekill and Hyde Company developed a Smartbox for motorcycle models (Canbus only). With this new Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde system the performance is freely selectable and the performance of the hardware is further improved as well.

Mode Switch Clutch Housing BlackSeperate Modeswitch on handle bar

Smartbox The Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde Smartbox

The advantages of the Smartbox:

  • Faster installation on the motorcycle
  • Only one modeswitch to control the complete system
  • LED light to indicate the actual driving mode
  • Future proof because of the Bluetooth options in the Smartbox system
  • Automatic mode: stand open mode (which is an approved legal European mode)
  • Can read Canbus signals of the motorcycle

More information? Contact The Jekill and Hyde Company or your local dealer.