We stay legal in 2017!

Some misinformation has been spread in the aftermarket parts business regarding valves in exhausts. This info mainly include the fact that valves in exhausts would not be allowed on the roads, not being legal due to the valve in the exhaust system. This is, for a fact, not true. The new rules and regulations regarding valves in exhaust systems are only applicable for OEM manufacturers. The Jekill and Hyde Company  is an aftermarket company and does not have to change anything.

Regarding the 2017 models: we have received a full type approval for all our motorcycle models that has been tested with the new EU4 regulations. Thus we will remain street legal in 2017. Our mode switch on the handle bar also has a type approval and is also fully legal.
The Jekill and Hyde Company has anticipated on the changes in rules and regulations by engineering a product that is compliant to the expected changes. Exhaust systems that are bought in the past as well as the new ones that will now be sold are and will be fully street legal. So having a valve in your exhaust system today, will stay legal even in the future.

Please do not worry about the changes in the rules and regulations. We have a high quality research & development department and the best team of engineers who will make sure that our product is still compliant with all changes for 2017 and all changes to come in the future regarding rules and regulations. We will stay on top of things so you can all keep enjoying the deep warm rumble and nice silence of our exhaust systems.

If you have any questions in the meanwhile, please contact our sales department: sales@jekillandhyde.com.