How it all began!

Our history

Our history

1997- The Start of the Company in Belfeld, The Netherlands:
A small team of technicians developed an exhaust system with a valve, which could be electronically adjustable. Because of that valve, the outfitted motorcycles were able to produce the socially responsible aspect of the system that would be called the “The Dr. Jekill sound.”
Jekill and Hyde person

But once the valve was opened, it produced the utopian bliss a motorcycle rider wants to hear: the roar of “the Mr. Hyde personality”. It can be described as a deep, warm rumble, which is exactly how a motorcycle should be heard.

2010- Dutch Knowledge fuses with German Engineering
It was in 2010 that the Dutch combined their knowledge and craftsmanship with German engineering. This combination was a recipe for success. It also lead to improved exhaust designs and the European Type Approval needed to make the exhausts legal for sale.

2011- Approval and Expansion
In 2011, the company received a European Type Approval. With only four people tirelessly working for The Jekill and Hyde Company, they started conquering Europe.
Though it all started in the Netherlands, soon the business expanded to Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France. Not long after the United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Russia, UAE, Kuwait and Singapore.

2016- North America and More
The Jekill and Hyde Company has now ventured beyond Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Asia and has opened its doors in the United States, Canada and even Japan.

From the first four employees in 2010 to more than 65 worldwide today, the Jekill and Hyde Company cannot be mistaken for just any company making electronically adjustable exhaust systems. It is the manufacturer of the unmistakable exhaust and is recognized globally because of its unique personalities and outstanding quality.