Now Available: Exhausts systems for BMW R series

We are proud to announce, that we have exhaust systems now for ordering available for the following BMW Models:

  • BMW R 1200 R
  • BMW R 1200 RT
  • BMW R 1200 RS
  • BMW R 1200 GS LQ
  • BMW R Nine-T

The R 1200 GS AC is available for pre-ordering now and will soon be available for ordering.

For the BMW R 1200 GS LQ/R/RT/RS motorcycles we have the following exhaust systems available:
Nomad Carbonsteel (new)              Nomad Wrinkle Black (new)
  Nomad Carbonsteel/Stainless Steel                Nomad Wrinkle Black/Wrinkle Black


For the BMW R Nine-T motorcycles we have the following exhaust systems available:
  Urban Streetfighter Carbonsteel                            Urban Streetfighter Black
       Urban Streetfighter                                Urban Streetfighter
       Carbonsteel/Black                            Wrinkle Black/Wrinkle Black

   Urban Slashcut Carbonsteel                         Urban Slashcut Black
       Urban Slashcut                                     Urban Slashcut
     Carbonsteel/Black                             Wrinkle Black/Wrinkle Black


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